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This Is My Business Model….Have You Decided On Yours?

Have you taken action since the time you read my last entry? If not, my advice is for you go back to my previous postings before coming to this one. That will give you a clearer understanding of what I am doing here.

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In my last posting I listed down a number of examples of the business models out there on the internet.

But if you have done what I have ask you to do…that is listing down the models that you have heard over and over again, there are 3 that will surely be somewhere near the top…

– List Building
– Email Marketing
– Affiliate Marketing

If you have this on your list, congrats….you have done your homework. Truth be told, these are the 3 models that I am applying to my business and all three work as a “team”

Of course I have some added stuff but they are all connected to these 3 core models. I will now give you a breakdown of what they are and why I decided to choose these…

1. List Building

Basically the objective of this is to collect as many potential buyers as possible. The information collected is normally name and email address (either or both).

The traditional way of doing this is to send traffic to a landing/squeeze page that offers something of value for the exchange of the name and email address information.

This list is your potential customers (email marketers call them subscribers). What comes next is to continue to “speak” to them using email.

2. EMail Marketing

This is basically the action of sending e-mail regularly to your list. These emails can contain anything you want (quote/lessons/links etc).

But from the business point of view, your emails will contain special links that when clicked on, will take your subscribers to a sales page. These special links are your affiliate links.

The idea is that if they buy via your affiliate link, you will earn a commission from the actual seller….if the product that you are recommending is not your own creation. That is Affiliate Marketing (more of that later)

There are services online that will manage your email system…eg-AWeber/Get Response/Sendlane.

– Store the email address that you have collected
– Send out emails that you create to these addresses.
– Allow you to pre-write your emails so that you can have them lined up to go out to your subscribers.
– Send email at once to all subscribers

The frequency and timing of sending the emails are all within your control.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Promoting a product that is NOT your creation but earning a commission when anyone buys through your own unique affiliate link. In my basic business model, I have these links in my emails that I send out to my subscribers.

Sounds familiar? It should…to you because I believe that lots of you are already in this “system”.

Just check your email in-box and you see these e-mails promoting lots of different things.

Of course I am not doing enough justice to what I write above. There are lots and lots of “attachments” to each of the component above…but if you strip away all these components, the 3 above are the basic pillars where the money is made.

It is like a restaurant business. You can speak about lots of other things such as the set-up, the invoicing system, the number of workers you need, the quality of the ingredients etc etc…BUT the core of the business is COOKING + SELLING THE FOOD. Nothing more…nothing less.

Seems basic? Yes they do but let me emphasize that because lots of people underestimate the importance of the basic stuff, they cannot get the whole thing to work.

It is like having the most modern restaurant in town, most good looking waiters etc BUT if your food taste bad, you are going to be put of business soon.

Well, that’s it!! This is what I do….and this is what I CHOOSE to do.

So I know lots when the queries are related to my core business…but never everything. But I know much less when it comes to other models such as selling via Amazon or making money flipping websites and a whole lot of other models out there.

I am aware of those models but I do not know the nitty gritty of it….and there is no need for me to know in details about these other models.

But I need to know lots when it come to the core of my business…but the actual fact is that you don’t need to know ALL. You just need to know what works and make it work better/faster over time. Example, if you need email management system, there are lots out there. Make some research…choose 1 and run with that. Ignore the rest. But learn as much as you can about the one you choose.

A restaurant owner will know where to buy his best ingredient to make the best steak in town….but he would not know how money changers make their money. He does not need to. See what I am getting at?

So, you will see this reflected in my postings on this blog. List Building, EMail Marketing and Affiliate Marketing are the 3 main subjects I cover on my blog and my emails too (if you are on my email list)….not Amazon, not selling physical stuff, not website flipping and a whole lot of others.

Now you know….actually there are no secrets. Most marketers do similar things. It is just that each find their own niche….so will you.

Is there one that is “ideal”? Sure there is…but YOU have to be the one that decide which model suits you.

Remember my 80:20 ruling…where you ask yourself, “If I select this model, what are the things that I will be doing 80% of the time? Will I be able to do that 80%?

It is NOT always about LIKING to do the 80% …it does help tremendously. But it is more like whether you have the DISCIPLINE to that 80% no matter what….because those are the things that you will be doing day-in-day-out.

In my next posting, I am going to show you a few smaller blocks of my business that I have added to my core business.

Until then…continue to TAKE ACTION.

P/S – This Just In !!

If you are still undecided what business model to go for, then you should check out this training course on 4 of the most popular Internet Business Models.  The course will highlight these 4 models in details…so at the end of it, you can make an informed decision about which one will work for you.

Oh Yes….one more exciting thing. This training course comes with Private Label Rights which means that you can apply my “LEARN AND EARN” System…where you can learn everything on it for yourself and at the same time earn 100% of the sales profit by selling it as if it is your own.





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