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Instant Funnel Machine REVIEW

Today my review is on the updated version of Instant Funnel Machine.

I did this Instant Funnel Machine Review last year but since then it has been improved and updated. There were some glitches in the initial version but that is all sorted out and good to go.

So, don’t be surprised if you think that you have seen a review on this product some time ago. And if you thought that you have missed the boat the last time, here is a chance for you to purchase the tool for a special price.

To those who are hearing this tool for the first time, well, here is my review about Instant Funnel Machine. The video above do give an explanation about what the tool does and how it would help you make your business easier.

Building a list is one of the key blocks if you are looking to build your business online. Combined with email marketing, you would have a killer combination….a large list that you can communicate with email marketing.

Though that sounds easy enough, I know that a lot of you are struggling to build a list because you are overwhelmed by the amount of techy stuff that you need to learn to launch your 1st landing page.  That is why when I saw that the creator Trevor McHaffie is relaunching this updated version of his Instant Funnel Machine (incidentally the 1st version was a bestseller!!) I wanted to make sure that the visitors to my website (meaning YOU) have a chance to look at it.

As far as the inter phase is concerned, it is so easy to learn to use the tool. Basically it is just selecting the look of the landing page you want (plus the free gift) and make as much (or as little) change you want…copy and paste your autoresponder code and you are good to go.

The video tutorial is short, clear and concise. Basically there is really nothing techy about the whole process….probably the most techy part is to obtain the auto-responder code…but that part is easily overcome by the video tutorials that you find on the autoresponder website.

There are lots of free gifts to choose from (10 of them) in this Instant Funnel Machine program. The only small negative I find is that most of the free gifts is related to the Internet Marketing Niche. So if you are in the other niches, this tool may not be very useful to you.


Consider getting this tool if
>> Your are in the Internet Marketing Niche
>> You are not a techy person and have been struggling to overcome all the techy stuff of getting a landing page (and free gift) up and running
>> You are in the business of list building and email marketing

Overall this is a great tool to have in your marketing arsenal. What you may want to do is to do split testing on what sort of landing page and free gifts work best for you. Now that you have the ability to churn out landing pages quickly with this tool, naturally that would be something to consider next. Not all landing pages are created equal.

The time you save on the setting up of the landing page should give you more time to do this exercise (split testing) because that would improve your conversion rate and in turn reduce your cost per subscribers.



Bonus: In my opinion, Instant Funnel Machine is a great product on its own without any bonuses. But Trevor (vendor) is offering some fast action bonuses to everyone who buys the product. But I wanted to do something more for my readers.

You see ….with Instant Funnel Machine you will get only the front part of the funnel and this is only a small part of the whole thing.

That is why I thought that it would be best if my bonuses are related to programs that help you build out your sales funnels so that you can start monetizing your funnel straight away.




CLICK HERE to get INSTANT FUNNEL MACHINE as well as instant access to all of these bonuses right inside of the members area









IMPORTANT NOTE: I am an affiliate for every product that is being reviewed on this site. Some of these reviews contain materials from review copies that I receive from the vendors. However, all reviews are done impartially as I make no special arrangement with the vendors prior to these reviews.
In essence, should you decide to buy through the affiliate link that normally appears at the end of each review, I will be paid a percentage of the sales price.

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