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15 Subject Lines That Increase Your Email Opens By At Least 30%

Increase Your Email Opens Today we are going to look at ways to increase your email opens.

The first hurdle that any email marketer face after a visitor subscribe to the email list is to entice him/her to read the email sent.

Obviously if the subject line of your email doesn’t get the open, it’s all over. No clicks. No sales. No anything. But with the right one, you can get your readers to open and devour your emails.

Remember…it is likely that your email is just one of many that your subscriber receives on any given day. So unless he/she knows you, like you and trust you, your email can easily be lost in the pile.

Over the years of doing this, I have gathered from various sources some tips on subject lines that have helped me increase my open rates.

These tips got me the results…..

1. Short Is Better

40% of emails are opened on mobile, and they’ll get cut off if they’re too long. Aim for 50 characters or less.Increase Your Email Opens

Another reason shorter is better – it’s more eye-catching. Compare these two subject lines and ask yourself which would catch your eye:

a) “Warning!”

b) “Warning, that early morning habit of yours might be causing a serious problem”

For the best of both worlds, consider this: with most email programs, you can place “Warning!” in the subject line, and use “That early morning habit of yours might be causing a serious problem” as the first line of the email, which will show up as preview text. As always, test.

According to Contact Monkey, subject lines with 3 or more words are opened 15% less than those with 1-2 words.

2. Don’t Belittle Your Subscribers

Some e-mailers like to begin their subjects with “fw:” because they believe it increases open rates. But according to Convince and Convert, it actually reduces opens by 17%.

Just stop being too “clever”.

3. Create Urgency

Subjects that evoke a sense of urgency and exclusivity receive a 22% higher open rate, according to Email Institute. Use deadlines such as “today only” and “12 hour giveaway” to encourage readers to act now.

This still works like a charm.

4. Do NOT Use The Word “Newsletter”

A study from Adestra found that email subjects containing the word “newsletter” received an 18.7% decrease in open rates. Why? Maybe because recipients think it will take too long to read, or they can always read it later; which of course they seldom do.

5. Use the person’s name in the subject line

Yes, it’s an old school trick.

And yes, for a while it seemed like it wasn’t working as well as it did. But these days, people get so many emails that once again having this little bit of personalization can make a difference. In fact Adestra found that personalized subjects were 22.2% more likely to be opened.

Just don’t do it every time or it will lose its effectiveness.

6. Never Use “” As Your Sender Name

It creates a terrible impression. It looks anything but personable and prevents recipients from adding it to their address book.

7. Use List Segmentation

You don’t want to send news of your children’s clothing sale to a guy who only purchased men’s work shirts. Personalize each person’s experience according to the action they’ve taken – which list they’ve joined and which product they’ve purchased.

8. Make Readers Feel Like They Are On The Inside

The psychology of exclusivity is a prime motivator. Give your subscribers a sense of belonging to your group, your tribe or your inside circle.

In other words, make them feel special with subjects like this:

· “An exclusive offer just for you”
· “My personal gift to you”
· “For members only, you’re invited!”
· “Private: For beloved customers ONLY.”

9. 3 Words To Use

Using the words “Sale,” “Video” or “New” in subjects boost open rates.

10. Don’t Bait and Switch

Any promise made in the subject needs to be fulfilled in the email. In a nutshell, just do what you say.

Subscribers are not stupid. They are also not forgiving. Some will just unsubscribe because of it.

11. Tell Them What’s Inside – And Make It Inviting

Did they just join your list to get a free book? Then your subject might be, “Your new eBook inside!”

Are you announcing a new service that is perfect for them? “Joan, this service is tailor-made for you.”

Keep it Sweet Simple (KISS)

12. Use Numbers

“Increase your traffic 200%” is better than “How to increase your traffic.”

It is always more eye catching.

13. Use Action Verbs

Think of a subject line as a call to action – you want the language to inspire people to click on the email. By starting with an action verb, you’ve got a much greater chance of motivating them to click.

For example, which of these stimulate you to want to know more: “Notice: The New Nissans are here” or “Drive a Brand New Nissan Today”?

14. The Mother Of All Subject Lines

Do you know that this word alone increases open by 60%?

Believe it or not, it’s the word “ALERT”. Again, don’t overuse it, but instead reserve it for those times when it really, really counts.

15. Write Enticing First Sentence Of The Body

In most email services, part of the first sentence of the email body appears next to the Email Subject Line. Try capture the attention of your subscribers right at the beginning.

Imagine that your first sentence is part of the subject line. If you do it well, your subscribers will open your mail.

What Is Next?

Getting your email opened is just the first part of the whole thing. Remember that your MAIN OBJECTIVE is to get your subscribers to click on the link in the email. Never lose sight of that.

Irrespective of where that link takes your subscribers, only when that happens can you say that you have succeeded in achieving your true objective of email marketing.

That subject will be tackled in a future article.



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