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I Am A Newbie….Give Me Some Guidelines On This MMO Thingy

A question that always rises in the mind of someone who has started to get their feet wet in the Make Money Online Niche…

“Where Do I Start?”

This article is not for everyone. If you already have a business system that is already working for you…then ignore this article. Go read something else…..Continue to improve the business model you have selected.

But if you are still unsure of what you want to do, then read on. This is a follow-up from my earlier article that really goes down to the basic stuff…mindset and other things.

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If you are like me before I finally decided what business model I wanted to do, you would probably have 20-40 emails (or more) everyday from the “internet gurus”…with 90+% of them promoting the next best thing since slice bread.

You would have also gone to their websites or attended webinars on tool(s) or programs they are offering.

Nothing wrong with that….maybe you are still in the “Research” mode….Well and good.

But what you must do is to CONCIOUS of this…RESEARCH MODE must come to an end after a given period of time.

As you pour through all these emails and materials from these gurus, take note and list down the business models that you come across. Take note also of some of the more “popular” models…mentioned more frequently than other.

Don’t get sidetracked by all the “tools” being promoted online…you are NOT ready for that yet…not until you have decided on your Business Model. Each tool will depend on the model that you have chosen….The tools does not make the business model….that is the wrong way round.

So, FOCUS on what business models are out there. I am sure if you are focus on what you are doing and conciously doing it, you will eventually get there.

You see, when you start at the level of “Make Money Online” there are so many ways….as many as shops in the shopping mall. Each shop makes money but there is so much diversity in the way money is made…get what I mean?

Let me give you several examples…in case you don’t know what I am talking about. These are just a fraction of business models that is out there….

>> Build websites and flip them
>> Buy domain names and resell them
>> Build many niche websites. Make money via advertising or promote products related to the niche
>> Promote yourself as a “guru” of some sort and sell High Ticket items such as coaching etc
>> Sell physical products via advertising in Facebook
>> Sell physical products via Amazon (either as a vendor or affiliate)
>> Promote your skill on Fiverr/Upworks
>> Promote products via e-mailing as an affiliate marketer
>> Create your own digital products and sell them online

………and tons more.

Every business model I listed above (and there are much much more) is alive and well. And you can find tons of materials online that can help you be better in each of those models.

BUT each model requires a DIFFERENT set of “skills” and requirement. Different model will suit different people depending on your interest, your formal training, your family background etc.

Do your homework….make your own list of what is out there…my list above is a short one.

Then like a funnel, SHORTLIST from the long list of “interest”.

Only when you have completed that stage, then that is when you have moved to the PLANNING mode.

Never stay too long in the research mode. Because that is why you will get lost in the myriads of the everything promoted to you (either through the emails or reports) as being the BEST in class.

That is what gives birth to “Information Overload”

So, if there is a lesson to learn in today’s sharing, it is this….

The MILESTONE that you must have at the start of your internet journey is to DECIDE what business model that you are going to pursue. Once decided….drop the rest. Just focus on the one that you have chosen….and learn everything related to what you have chosen. Discard the rest.

Ask this…
“Will this tool help me in the business model I have CHOSEN?”
“Will this course/program help develop my skill the business model I have CHOSEN?”


In the next article I will show you my own shortlist….and my thinking process behind my choice.

Until then, TAKE ACTION….

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My hope is that at the end of it, you can make an informed decision about which one will work for you.

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