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7 FREE Traffic Sources For The Price Of 1

7 Sources Of Free TrafficToday I am going to show you how you can get “7 FREE Traffic Sources For The Price Of One”.

We live in a disposable culture. Walk along the aisle of a supermarket and you will see what I mean. Disposable cutlery, disposable cups and plates are just a couple of examples.

Let me give you a couple of examples to make this point.

You buy a new pair of sneakers because although the ones you’ve got on are perfectly good, they suddenly aren’t cool.

Or you buy a new TV, laptop or next gen console just because you can…

For some, you get a brand new phone every other year and still don’t call anyone, because you’re too busy trying to make money to buy the next new thing…

Disposable culture is all around us. New isn’t just better. It has become a necessity. Even though we have no need for it.

But please don’t fall into the same trap with your content…

Just because you’ve written a new blog post, doesn’t mean you should post it once, maybe share it once or twice, and then forget about it.

Content is a valuable commodity you can use to drive traffic again and again.7 Free Traffic Sources

So instead of forgetting about it, make it work for you on as many fronts as you possibly can.

Here is what I do….

I start with a blogpost. Then I tweak it to become a niche forum post. With a bit of expansion of details, the same post becomes an article in article depository.

I will also extract some key points that can be used as an email to my subscribers (although I prefer to write a very short email with links directly to the blog post).

The same, with minor changes, can also be shared in the social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram and so on.

Then I make a short video summarizing the blog post which becomes a YouTube video and Facebook video to boost traffic from YouTube and engagement from Facebook.

Then the audio can be stripped to become a Podcast

Apart from the producing the video, the rest takes little time to do. But the impact is huge.

With embedded links in all of these sources, you can basically drive traffic to anywhere you want (ie-your blog).

Use sharing tools….especially one that can help you share the materials on social media quickly and easily.

Have a checklist so that you would not miss out these various sources of traffic.

Work smart ….Not hard and you will do well online.



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