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5 Secret Techniques That Will Explode Your Subscribers List

Explode your subscribers list Today we are going to look at how you can explode your subscribers list.

One thing that I learned over the years of doing internet marketing is that it does not really matter whether I know something or not. With the amount of information that I can get from the internet, it may seem that I am well versed about almost anything related to internet marketing.

What really matters is whether I was doing what I know. It is the action part that will make the difference. The 20:80 rule – 20% of time LEARNING and 80% of time DOING.

Likewise, I am not going to pretend that you have NEVER heard about these “SECRETS” which I am going to share will you. I am sure you have.

But ask yourself this question instead as you read the rest of this article….

“Am I Doing It?”

I can assure you that you will be looking at the whole thing with a new perspective if you do that.

Now….lets do it….

“Secret” #1. Give Your Visitors a Sample Taste of True Value

Explode your subscribers list

Most Internet marketers are afraid to give out any valuable information upfront.

They fear that casual visitors will steal their secrets without so much as providing their email address.

You should take the opposite approach. You should offer valuable help for free, especially since your first time visitors will be beginners.

The experts do not need your secrets. They already know them and are probably using them and profiting from them.

The smart Internet marketers will offer their visitors more than just a taste. They will provide valuable information which will answer questions beginners are plagued with.

This will not only provide genuine help to your visitors, but it will also establish your authority and expert status.

Interestingly, the people who sign up to your list will be far more targeted, and likely to eventually buy your products and services.

“Secret” #2. Use Forum To Get People To Know You

First up, you need to visit forums related to your niche. Browse and learn, so you will frequent the most relevant forums.

When you find one you like, one that feels right for you, go right ahead and get involved. You must contribute to discussions so you display your expert knowledge.

A real contributor will always be welcome in the forum. Do not spam!

“Secret” #3. The Free Gift

To be effective, you must offer a truly valuable gift. You cannot give away some low quality PLR. The greater the quality, the better the response will be.

Savvy Internet Marketers offer several gift items together, like a couple of high quality eBooks, plus a high quality training video.

This immediately positions the Internet marketer as a generous, helpful person of authority in their niche.

It used to be that people would not hesitate to subscribe just to get a freebie.

Today, people are very aware of the value of their email, and they will not surrender their email unless they are convinced they are getting a product that would normally sell for at least $20 or $30 dollars.

Google and Yahoo have proven the power of FREE, by giving away an immense amount of valuable information, and building huge businesses in the process.

“Secret” #4. Let Your Subscribers Become Aware of Your Presence

You have to email your new subscribers on a consistent basis, at least once, or better yet twice a week. If not, they will quickly forget you, and unsubscribe.

Once you establish a certain frequency for your emails, you have to stay on the same schedule. Your subscribers will expect it. Do not disappoint them, or they will unsubscribe.

Remember that you are not the only one out there.

“Secret” #5. Grow Your Relationship

Do not take this relationship for granted. Work at it, and be sincere and helpful, and you will build trust and loyalty. This will keep your unsubscribe rate low.

Be sure to answer any emails you receive from your list as promptly as you can, with full answers to the questions asked.

Be generous, polite and friendly in your reply, and you will have a better chance of making that subscriber a customer.

Ask yourself how you would react to a free offer, what you would expect if you joined an email list, what would it take for you to surrender your name and email address.

This will give you insights and ideas to further grow your list.

My Last Words……..

It is not rocket science, right?

The difficulty is not so much of the doing part…it is something that you can do (or learn to do).

The secret of being successful is to have the discipline to take action consistently over a prolonged period of time.

If you are able to do that, you can be certain that your loyal followers will not only read what you have written but they will also take action upon your recommendation.

So remember……

“It Does Not Matter What You Do…But Do What Matters”




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